African Egypt HF frame assembly

The scope of application of the machine

It is suitable for fast gluing and splicing various furniture solid wood panels. It is also suitable for assembling all kinds of furniture frame products made of bamboo or wooden materials, such as cabinet doors, wooden doors, door sleeve line combinations, door side horse head combinations, wooden door core panels, etc. The machine also has the function of edge bandings, such as solid wood edging for door panels, or solid wood edge banding for office countertops.


The functions and advantages of the machine

One main engine was equipped with two workbenches, and materials preparation and HF heating could be carried out at the same time, to achieve rapid mass production. The processing pressure is three-dimensional, which can effectively ensure that the finished product is more firm and smooth.

Equipment Details

  • Famous brand hydraulic system:Durable, more stable pressure;

  • Independent oil pressure switch:Independent oil pressure control to adapt to different process requirements;

  • One-button operation:The touch screen is one-key operation, the operation interface is more humanized and more efficient.

  • Famous brand electrical components:Brand electrical components are more durable;

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