How long does the wood dry by the JYC machine?

2023-09-15 16:29

The speed of drying wood using a high-frequency vacuum machine is relatively fast. High-frequency drying utilizes a high-frequency electric field to heat the interior of the wood, causing water molecules to vibrate and evaporate rapidly, thereby achieving rapid drying. Compared to traditional hot air drying methods, high-frequency drying offers higher energy efficiency and heating speed, allowing for a significant reduction in wood drying time.


OK! About the title, here is the answer:

Actually, the exact drying speed depends on various factors, including the type of wood, dimensions, initial moisture content, as well as the power and design parameters of the high-frequency drying machine. Generally, a high-frequency vacuum machine can dry wood to the desired target moisture content within a relatively short period, thereby increasing production efficiency.


Here is the common data table about drying time (You can check the data to get the approximate drying time, but it is not the exact time!!!)

Wood SpeciesStart MoistureThicknessEnd HumidityDrying Time(Hour)
Extremely Hard Wood (Density>1.0)25%40mm8%-10%65-70
Medium Hardwood (Density>0.6)25%40mm8%-10%45-50
Softwood (Density<0.5)25%40mm8%-10%35-40

The data in this table comes from JYC high-frequency vacuum wood drying machine. Please do not reprint or use this data at will! All interpretation rights belong to JYC. Thank you!


If you really want to know how long it takes for your wood to dry, feel free to ask us! JYC's machine was sold all over the world, we have many examples of data for your reference.

It is important to note that while high-frequency drying can expedite the drying process, it is still necessary to control the drying conditions to avoid over-drying or other quality issues. Proper monitoring and adjustment of drying parameters, as well as appropriate stacking and ventilation of the wood, contribute to achieving rapid drying using a high-frequency vacuum wood drying machine while ensuring the quality of the dried wood.

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