What makes the High Frequency Vacuum Dryer So Popular?

2024-03-27 14:51

As we know, there’s a long history of wood application in homes and offices.Though in recent years, various materials of boards and metal products have appeared in the market, solid wood furniture still has its occupied position because it is more natural and practical.


Many factories keep their eyes on the surface finish of the products like polishing, painting, and decoration, but always ignore the quality problems caused afterward.

The biggest problem is to influence the brand promotion and order repeating because of the cracks and deformation caused by the uneven moisture content.


The necessity of wood drying:

1. Ensure no shrinks for the products.

2. Reduce internal stress to keep the stability of the finished boards.

3. Prevent wood discoloration, decay, and insect infestation by insect eggs and fungi.

4. After drying, the moisture content can be evenly balanced, in this case, it will not influence the surface finish of the products.

As we know, the wood moisture content is different in each season.

High frequency vacuum wood drying machine


Except for the high frequency wood vacuum drying, other main drying ways in the market also cause different moisture content for the same wood.

If a high frequency penetrating internal and external synchronous heating method is adopted, combined with a vacuum tank to reduce the temperature required for "water flow discharge and gasification", it can quickly dehydrate the wood and balance the moisture content gradient inside the wood.


JYC radio frequency vacuum dryer does not change color, deform, or crack.


1. Efficient

High frequency targeted penetrating heating both inside and outside, providing more uniform heating and faster drying.

2. Stable quality

By combining a vacuum low oxygen system, the boiling point of water is reduced, which balances the moisture content of wood while ensuring that it does not discolor or crack;

3. Stress relief

Equipped with a pressing system to keep the wood under pressure during the drying process, making it less prone to warping and deformation;

RF Timber vacuum dryer

4. Insecticide and sterilization

High frequency electric field has a strong disinfection and sterilization effect on eggs, worms, etc. in wood;

5. Environmental protection

The insecticidal effect of high-frequency electric fields eliminates problems such as gas emissions caused by traditional chemical insecticides, and the entire drying process does not produce "three wastes", meeting national environmental standards;

6. Wide applicability

The drying process can be intelligently adjusted based on wood thickness, density, moisture content, etc., suitable for the drying of all wood;


Features of JYC High Frequency Vacuum Dryer

(1) Fully automatic control of the wood drying process, truly achieving "unmanned";

(2) With more than 30 years of technical experience, various drying process options are preset to ensure the quality of wood drying;

(3) Multiple sensing detection devices ensure equipment safety and stability;

(4) Support remote assistance for remote maintenance and system upgrades;

hf wood drying kiln


Choose the JYC HF Wood Vacuum Dryer to stay away from after-sales issues caused by moisture gradients in wood and make wooden products more stable!

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