High Frequency Slant Frame Assembly Machine

High frequency slant(work table) frame assembly machine is a multi-function woodworking machine, that can be used for joining wood board, edge banding, and wood frame assembly.

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High Frequency Slant Frame Assembly Machine


This multi-purpose woodworking machine, HF frame assembly machine has slant work table. It is suitable for furniture board joining, solid wood strip edge sealing of furniture countertops, various furniture frame assembly, furniture cabinet door assembly, wooden door assembly, door cover line assembly, door core board joining, etc.

Multifunction woodworking machine


1. One machine has multi-purpose, joining, Edge banding, and framing.

2.  Inclined work surface, convenient for loading and unloading, low labor intensity.

3. High-frequency heating, only heating for glue joints, no heat for the workpieces.

4. Three-dimension pressurization on the working piece when assembly, ensures the process quality. 

5. One drives two, two hosts configuration. Realize mass production.

6. Suitable for multi-specification furniture board assembly, and solid wood strip edge sealing of furniture countertops. various furniture frame assembly.

Technical Specification

Power SupplyAC 380V,50Hz
HF Power20KW20KW20/30KW
HF Frequency
Working Size

Clamping Way

Three-way hydraulic
Vertical Pressure6T
Lateral Pressure25T25T30T
Longitudinal Pressure4T
Overall Size3500mm*1350mm*1950mm3500mm*1650mm*2100mm4100mm*1350mm*2100mm

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